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New Prescription

Your doctor can prescribe to Memorial Pharmacy, and you don’t need an account before they prescribe. We’ll text or call you as soon as we receive your prescriptions at the phone number your doctor sent us. Memorial Pharmacy guarantee delivery of your medication directly to your doorstep.


Refills Prescription

Within a minute you can transfer your refills from old pharmacy to Memorial Pharmacy. We’ll reach-out to your old pharmacy and transfer your prescriptions to Memorial Pharmacy in a day so we deliver your next medication refill directly to your doorstep immediately.


Out for Delivery

Immediately we receive your prescription, we’ll text or call you to schedule your free delivery around Corpus Christi. Someone has to be at home or address provided – a friend, a doorman, a colleague – to receive your medication when it arrives. No physical contact is necessary at delivery due to social distancing.

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